Jessica & Travis // A Santa Barbara Wedding Editorial

She has this subtle yet pervasive strength and confidence about her. The kind that’s very reassuring– like she knows how to tackle any situation that comes her way, with grace and humor no less. I suppose that’s one of the many reasons Jessica makes such a great teacher, and while I’ve not seen her in action, I can imagine her classroom is one of the coolest in the hall and that her students adore her. She beautiful, motivated and downright sweet. It’s no wonder Travis fell in love with her.

And, well, it’s no wonder she fell in love with him. Travis is the kind of guy you want around for just about anything and everything. He’s the life of the party and approaches life in a way that’s irresistible–with a smile, light-heartedness, and sheer commitment to awesome. He’s no doubt the guy you could a deep meaningful conversation with and then moments later find yourself in the midst of a full fledged water fight, Super-Soakers and all.

Yet, together they are even better. It’s like two strong doses of awesome all in on. So suffice it to say, they are two of my favorite people, and I’m so grateful they’ve become friends as a result of my being their wedding photographer. It was such a honor to celebrate with them, to witness them commit their lives to each others, and to have the privilege of telling part of their love story.

So it’s with a giant smile on my face (and a bit of a chuckle recalling Travis climbing a tree in his suit just for fun), I give you Jessica & Travis’s wedding editorial….

As always, you can see more of their wedding editorial on their website HERE. Special thanks to the amazing creative team that ensured their day was perfect. Hair & Make-up : LunaBella // Venue : Lincourt // Catering : Santa Barbara BBQ // Desserts : Fresco Cafe // Flowers : Casi Cielo // Jessica’s Shoes : Enzo Angiolini // Travis’s Suite : Banana Republic // Coordination : Kasey Moffitt // DJ : JAS Productions

Jessica’s Casablanca gown from The Dresser was gorgeous just on the hanger and even more stunning on her. And that bouquet? Wow. Travis is one lucky man! Jessica, you are GORGEOUS! Jessica’s hair and make-up was by the ever-fabulous duo Ashley & Kristin of LunaBella. This two are simply the best and their execution is flawless and incredibly efficient to boot. They blow my mind every.single.time.  And I adore working with them.
Seriously?!But let’s be honest, Travis is quite handsome himself, am I right?!
As many of my couples often do, Jessica & Travis opted for a first look. So we set it up to take place underneath an old oak tree on the hill above the vineyard. It was perfect. And then of course, we took our share of wedding portraits around the property. Some of my favorite images to date… le sigh. My favorite paring from the day…And I just love this shot Montana got of Jessica when I was photographing the boys. Hello matching boat shoes!Lincourt Vineyard made for a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony.
Aww, wedded bliss. It’s the best. And that golden hour light was magical as always, so we had to sneak in a few pre-party portraits. I love this shot Montana got. Such a fun angle. Time to celebrate…And that they did with the best first dance I’ve seen. Haha. It was awesome. And this crew new how to have a good time. Let me tell you. We ran off to the barrel room for a few quick shots before the night ended. And I’m so glad we did. #boom

Jessica & Travis, thank you for being awesome, for inviting me into your world and for being such great friends. You’re the best and I adore you both!!


Hannah & Philip // A Colorado Wedding Editorial.

Sara Truppo and I go way back…to the days of sleepless nights studying for Rhetoric exams, dreaming up ways to change the world, scheming business ideas and various photo shoots. We go together like peas and carrots, and it’s kind of rediculous how in sync we are. She’s one of my very best friends and her support, encouragement, and love over the years has been a huge blessing and saving grace for me. I adore her and of course, I’d do anything for her. So when she told me her sister was engaged and just knew we had to scheme a way for me to photograph her wedding. And well, that we did. Of course, we plotted a way to include a Jeff & Sara eating tour in her hometown of Denver while we were at it and snuck in some quality bestie time to be sure. That’s how we do. Haha.

It was such a distinct honor to spend the weekend with her sweet family and her amazing sister and new-bro-in-law. I had such an fun time getting to knew from whence she came and sharing in this special occasion for her family. The hard work and planning she and her family put into the big day totally paid off as it was utterly delightful. The setting was stunning, Hannah’s hand-made decor unique and playful, and the bridal party was a hoot. It’s safe to say that we all had ourselves quite a time.

Hannah and Phil were blissfully in love the entire time. The way he puts his hand on the small of her back, looks into her eyes and quietly assures her that she’s all he’d ever dreamed of sharing his life with is nearly palable when you’re around them. Hannah’s magnetic personality and contagious laughter is enough to light up the room and then some. She’s a hoot and there’s never a dull moment with her (or any of the Truppos for that matter). And I loved every minute of it.

Ok, enough of my banter…I’ll let the photos do the talking now. As always, you can view their wedding slideshow HERE and more of their wedding editorial HERE.

Special thanks to the amazing creative team who I got the pleasure of working alongside. Venue : Cielo at Castle Pines // Florals: The Fresh Flower Market // Hannah’s Gown: Intuzuri Gown from The Bridal Collection // Make up: Ashley Beidler //Hair: Karen Truppo // Coordination: Hilary Strat.

I just love it when brides allow their ‘maids to choose their own dresses. It makes for happy ‘maids and not-so-matchy-matchy-ness. I’m a huge fan. And then a little black dress to boot? with the fun statement jewelry and soft pink florals? Umm, hello impeccable paring.

Fun and playful pumps and vintage jewelry that was her grandmothers…I just love her Intuzuri Gown and she looked stunning in it. Oh stop it right now, Hannah. You are gorgeous! Must run in the family:-)The ladies…My rendition of Tyra’s eyes always makes ‘em laugh.
The fellas looking all sorts of dapper…A preview with the dad…always a tear-jerker.

Hannah and Phil opted to not see each other before the ceremony but had to say hello at least. This was my first time photographing such a thing and it was quite amusing to be sure.

The ceremony was so intimate, heartfelt and full of special moments…Always a favorite moment and this one is just adorable. And now onto my favorite part of the day…couples portraits. The duo was do for anything so we had ourselves a grand ol’ time. Love this one. One of my favorite pairings from the day. Classic. I love all of Hannah’s handmade touches…

Time to party…

The end.

Jenny & Dan // A Fullerton Wedding Editorial.

Last year, my friend Daryl invited me to join his bakery and other wedding industry professionals at a Crate & Barrel registry party at South Coast Plaza. It sounded like fun, so I situated a space for us at one of the spring events, and we set up shop in a fabulous living room vignette and chatted with engaged couples throughout the day. Low and behold Jenny & Dan stopped by, and we found ourselves gabbing away for what seemed like not nearly long enough.We hit if off instantly. And, well, needless to say, I was thrilled when they wrote months later to invite me to photograph their wedding day. And, well, I’m so glad they did. They are a wonderful duo and their curiosity for life and living it well is simply magnetic. Their love and utter right-ness for each other is inspiring, and I couldn’t be happier for them and their new life ahead.

The couple celebrated their nuptials at The Muckenthaler Mansion in Fullterton, California and was nothing sort of delightful. The weather was perfect, the setting breathtaking, the florals soft and delicate, the bride stunning, and the groom all sorts of dapper. It made for a photographer’s playground and with the help of Isaac James, we had ourselves a blast-y-blast. Here’s a handful of my favorite selections from the day. Be sure to check out their wedding website HERE for even more images from their wedding editorial.

Special thanks to the amazing creative team that helped make the day all that it was. Photography: J. Shipley Photography // Venue: The Muckenthaler Cultural Center // Coordinator: Chelsea Ogden // Gown: Claire Pettibone // Grooms Suit: Friar Tux // Florist: Urban Gardener // Cake: Colette’s Cakes // Hair: Becky Seaver // Make-up: Lindsi LeSueur // Catering: Colette’s Catering // Music: Pete Goslow // Stationary: A-La-Carte Paperie & The Little Engine

Jenny, you are stunning. And those florals?! Swoon-worthy!

Stop it right now!This bunch of bridesmaids were a hoot. We had ourselves a grand ol’ time! And werk!
Could they be any cuter?And of course, the boys being all sorts of bad-ass! Dan looking all sorts of dapper! I always love this moment…le sigh.
Awww. I love this moment between Jenny and her new mother-in-law!Wedded bliss…After the ceremony and family photos, we snuck away from the hustle and bustle and explored the property. It was perfect. I may or may not have fallen over a hedge getting one of these shots. It was QUITE hilarious. You can see the image Isaac got of that ish hereThis may be my favorite pairing from the day….yup, it is. Ugh, that dress…GORGEOUS!
Just a few details of the romantic garden setting….
And naturally Jenny & Dan threw an awesome dance-filled party afterwards. So fun!

The end. xoxo, – j.

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    Jenny - Jeff- thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart!! Your talent is truly amazing and your work is simply perfect. I cannot wait to hang and frame these beautiful moments that you so sweetly captured. You are thee best and we are so lucky to have had you shoot our special day!!!! XOXOReplyCancel

Alex + Travis // A Santa Barbara Wedding Editorial.

When Alex & Travis jumped up from my sofa abruptly and said “shoot, we got to get to work”, I realized they were the perfect fit for me. We all lost track of time as we told stories (dramatically I might add), ate blueberrry scones, and sipped on orange infused water and before we knew it three hours had passed. And we’d hardly talked wedding photography at all. And that’s been the story of us since…lots of laughing, dramatic storytelling, good food and talk about scoring great finds at various flea markets and estate sales.

This duo has impeccable taste, vibrant personality and a contagiously positive approach to life. So naturally with all those powers combined, they created one of the most stylish, beautiful, and wildly fun wedding I’ve been to. The couple has a keen eye for decor and ambiance and sought out to create a wedding that was beautiful, memorable and all their own. And that they did. It was one I looked forward since that day at my apartment more than a year out and when that day finally rolled around, I was giddy about it and it did not disappoint in the slightest. See for yourself and be sure to leave some comment love. I’m sure they will appreciate it…

Without further ado, I give you Alex & Travis’s Santa Barbara wedding at the beautiful Fess Parker Double Tree Resort. As always, you can view more photo selections from their wedding day at their website HERE. #getready #ohmy #prittee #photogoodness

Special thanks to the amazing creative team that made the day run flawlessly. Coordination : Donna Romani Events // Paper goods : Steven Ryan // Florals : Blue Magnolia // Lighting : PSAV // Venue & Catering // Fess Parker Double Tree Resort // Desserts : Enjoy Cupcakes // Linens : La Tavola // Music : Awesome Entertainment

Alex is stunning!!!! Don’t you just love her Melissa Sweet dress and BHLDN veil?
Gah, I love a good first look! Le sigh!My favorite photo from the day! #boom. Alex, you are ADORABLE. End of story. We just had to have the bridal party go for a carousal ride. And man, oh man…was that hilarious! And a bit nauseating for poor Isaac who climbed aboard with them. Haha. Good times though for sure!
Isaac got this shot of Alex that I’m in LOVE with. So stinkin’ cute!Such a stud that Travis Dunn!Seriously, could they be any more fun? I don’t think so…but just you wait till the reception…Oh, please go ON Alex. Gorgeous!
The decor was impeccable and Donna did a fabulous job making the day got off with out a hitch. Best candy bar of my life!Enjoy Cupcakes are divine. Trust me. 

Snow day.

It was a week or so before Christmas when I got a call from my dear friend Emily. We were chatting it up, updating each other the the latest happenings, telling tales of the days of old when she asked me what I was doing that coming weekend. I could sense the schemes she was plotting. And I liked it. She asked if she could pop of for a wintry visit and for some Shipley time. Of course, my family and I happy obliged, and we welcomed her fireside just a few days later. She timed it just right. The christmas goodies were aplenty, my mom’s tree was trimmed and the stockings were hung by the chimney with care. And better yet, a storm was abrewin’.

I’d been dreaming of doing a photoshoot in the snow for years and my visits home never availed themselves to a such wintery wonderlands sadly. So as you can imagine, it was delighted to wake up to a blanket of white one morning Emily was in town…and this is what we made of it. Oh the joys of having talented and beautiful friends. Emily is both/and, so I got to photograph her AND be on the other side of the camera for a frame or two. It was glorious.

This woman brings so much joy, laughter and positive energy to all that she does. It’s magnetic and you can’t help but feel all sorts of merry and bright when you’re with her.

This is us. Yup.

Emily snapped this photo of my mom and me that I just love. It warms my heart every time I look at it, and I will cherish it forever.

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    Joanne Distaso - Jeffrey-I absolutely enjoyed getting to know you more at BAAF! What an experience! You are SO SO SO talented! I am in love with your site, your photos, your design and your spirit! And I love that photo of you and your mom! Adorbs!

    Keep in touch!ReplyCancel

Lesley Vaughn // Custom Website + Lifestyle Shoot.

This past summer, I worked on a website project for a good friend of mine and well, I’ve been meaning to share it for quite a while and finally I’m getting around to it. Yay. Her name is Lesley and she’s one of the most talented, genuine, grounded and encouraging people I know. Lesley has this way of being that is so real and honest. She loves people well and pushes herself to be the best version of herself in everything she does.I’m a huge fan of both who she is and her work as a dancer, model, and aerialist. And she even teaches aerial classes and workshops and makes and sells jewelry and such at her Etsy shop. Yup, she’s crazy and dedicated and awesome.  I adore her, and I’m so proud of all that she’s doing, which is a lot. It blows my mind. She’s performed with the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Jay-Z. She’s been in numerous fitness dvds, national commercials as a stunt double for Heidi Klum and just recently closed the Manaheim Steamroller show in Vegas. Uh, yea…she’s the real deal!

So needless to say, she was in need of a website to house all her photos and videos and to showcase her work as a performing artist. She came to me to help create establish a cohesive web presence and we worked together to create a custom website that not only pulls all her content together, but also created a space where her clients and fans could get to know her a bit and what she’s all about. To meet Lesley and see some of her work, check out her custom J. Shipley Creative website HERE, oh and don’t miss my favorite video of her doing aerial.

One of the things that Lesley was adamant about was doing a photo shoot specially for the website so that her site had unique, artistic imagery of her that was custom-tailored for the site and that was consistent throughout. Since we needed to showcase various dimensions of who she is and what she does, we needed to capture a wide variety of imagery that was well suited for each section. So Isaac James and I teamed up for a two day shoot at several locations in Pasadena. And of course, the three of us had a ball together. One of my favorite shoots ever. Seriously. I love this girl. So without further ado, here are a few frames from Lesley’s lifestyle photo shoot and of course more can be viewed on her website

This is one of my all time favorite shots in life. Seriously, Les, you are stunning! Wanna learn how to do aerial? well lucky for you she teaches classes…so do it. 

And she models for fitness ads and videos and such. And it’s clear as to why. #workitgurl

Isaac worked his headshot magic for some updated images for submissions and auditions. So good. If you’re in need of new headshots, book your session with Isaac stat. I love this photo because this is my friend Lesley and her laugh and smile are contagious. #sigh 

If you’re a creative and are in need of a custom website or promo images, you can learn more HERE.